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The Top 5 Popular Sports to Bet on in 2020

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Sports betting continues to grow each year, with annual profits in the billions. For years, sports fans have found that placing a bet on an event adds excitement to their sports-viewing habits. Of course, it also gives them more incentive to root for a particular outcome.

There’s a lot to gain from betting, as explained by BettingGuru, where you can also learn about how betting works and how you can take advantage of free bets. But there’s more to gain from certain sports over others, depending on the preferences of the sports bettor. Some bettors enjoy analysing the stats of particular sports, others enjoy sports with a wide variety of betting markets available. Here are the five most popular sports among betting fans in 2020.


Still one of the world’s most popular sports, it is also the most played sport in most countries around the globe by both amateurs and professionals. Over 70% of sports betting income is made from football. One common feature in the sport is that fans like to consider themselves as experts. That’s why football is such a popular choice for gamblers. They have the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test while also being able to access a wide range of stats on both players and teams.


Tennis has gained popularity among sports betting fans thanks to the advent of in-play betting. But that’s not the only reason. Betting on a sport with individuals competing, as opposed to a team, makes it easier to notice when a player is performing better. There’s some nice variety too, as you can bet on the sets, games, and even points, in addition to the outcome of the actual match.

Horse Racing

Many older bettors will remember when horse racing was the most popular sport to bet on. In spite of the numerous changes seen in the sport over the years, however, horse racing remains one of the most popular sports to bet on, as well as being one of the most sophisticated.


Here’s another sport that’s benefited hugely from in-play betting. Live betting, as it’s also known, is becoming more and more popular, and enjoys a large market share in the wider sports betting market. Basketball fans make their viewing even more fun by betting on the combined number of points scored in a game, their favourite team, or a particular player.


Boxing is another popular sport to bet on, due to the high adrenaline and fast action. Another aspect of the sport that makes it exciting is that there are three-minute rounds, and up to 10-12 of them. That makes for some interesting betting possibilities, such as round betting, group round betting, method of victory, and outright winner.

Wrap Up

As this list proves, there’s so much diversity when it comes to sports betting. The most important thing is to choose one that perks your interest. Then focus on it until you become an expert in it. The more knowledge you have in a particular sport, the greater the chance that you’ll profit from it.

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