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Records Ronaldo Has Broken While Playing at Juventus

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Ronaldo is such a legend that rarely do people refer to him by his full name – you simply don’t have to. Cristiano Ronaldo, or in full Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santo Aveiro, is one of football’s most formidable names. 

Born on February 5, 1985, in Portugal, he has turned into one of the greatest players of his generation and all time.

Ronaldo is at present playing for Juventus and has put them in a position where almost all clubs will find them a formidable opponent, considering Juventus to win any game should certainly be on fans and punters minds. Betting on Ronaldo to score always seems like a reliable prospect, with sportsbooks usually tipping him as most likely to score in any game he plays.

What is it that has taken Ronaldo from local sports clubs to international fame?

He’s won several trophies, multiple awards and is world-famous. People of all ages admire his on-pitch prowess. 

Let’s take a look at records Ronaldo has broken while playing at Juventus and a little bit about the player himself.

Ronaldo’s 2019 to 2020 season at Juventus

It’s no secret that Ronaldo is one of the most hard-working footballers around. He has an incredible work out regime and a tremendous passion for what he does. 

His 2019/20 season was incredible. Juventus benefited from a whopping 37 goals. And that was the record for the most amount of goals in a single season.

But that is not the only record Cristiano Ronaldo set in 2019. 

He has won the Portuguese player of the year award ten times. Ronaldo was awarded the Portuguese player of the year award for all of his work for club and country. 

Even winning once is a huge deal. Ten times is quite the feat.

The award means he was the most consistent and best player over the last decade and looks set to keep that trend going.

Ronaldo was also nominated for the FIFA player of the year award for the 12th time. However, this year he was also shared with Lionel Messi and Virgel Van Dijk.

Lionel Messi and Ronaldo have both been shortlisted 12 times. However, this is a massive feat for both of them.

In 2019 Cristiano Ronaldo also went down in history for winning the most number of UEFA competitions. He is the first player in history to walk away with 10 winning trophies in the UEFA competitions. 


  • 3 UEFA super cup titles, 
  • one European Championship title, 
  • five Champion League titles, 
  • one UEFA Nations League title.

While all of those things are very impressive, there is still more to go. Ronaldo has been the quickest player to reach 50 goals scored in Serie A too. 

In fact, he is the first player to score more than 50 goals in La Liga, Serie A, and the Premiership.

All of which are outstanding – but he has a track record for being incredible.

Ronaldo‘s other records and awards

If you are looking for a timeline of incredible sports performance, passion, and dedication to the game, then Ronaldo is it. 

From the moment he signed for Manchester United, he was a sensation on the pitch. And went on to become regarded as one of the best, if not the best, forward in the game. 

In 2007-08, he scored a massive 42 league and cup goals. Those 42 league and cup goals gave Ronaldo the Golden Boot award as Europe’s leading scorer.

Ronaldo then moved to Spain’s Real Madrid for a record £80 million transfer fee. He then netted 40 goals in La Liga and scored a personal-best of 46 goals during the La Liga championship league season.

In 56 appearances, he had scored a total of 66 goals.

All in all, since his teenage years, he has won over 300 trophies and medals—thirty-one senior awards in his career and 17 titles from friendly competitions. 

Here’s a list of the number of the trophies won by Ronaldo up to 2020:

  • 5 Champions League (four times with Real Madrid and once with Manchester United)
  • 4 FIFA Club World Cup
  • 3 Premier League
  • 3 UEFA super cup
  • 2 La Liga
  • 2 Copa del Rey
  • 2 English League Cup
  • 2 Spanish Super Cup
  • 2 English community shield
  • 2 Serie A
  • 1 Italian super Cup
  • 1 FA Cup 
  • 1 Portuguese super cup

(Source: Statista)

How Does Ronaldo Remain So Fit?

Footballers only have a finite time where they are considered the peak of their career. However, Cristiano Ronaldo appears just as fit now as he started.

His incredible fitness regime and, as well as eating a rigorous diet, has made his time with Juventus (and previous clubs) a complete success.

Ronaldo describes chicken as his magic food, although his diet also includes many dishes with swordfish, tuna, and cod. He invests his time in chicken as it is high protein and low-fat.

Ronaldo will enjoy breakfast, a snack, two lunches, a snack, and two dinners. 

He said that he enjoys up to 5 naps a day. Having proper sleep is very important for getting the most out of his intense training regime. 

He also goes to bed early and gets up early too. 

Of course, sleep helps his muscles recover from the challenging workout he puts them through.

Ronaldo follows a strict routine that involves Pilates, resistance training, a deep focus on his core, and a big focus on swimming.

Ronaldo says that he always puts his mental health and physical fitness to make sure that he is happy on and off the pitch.

Juventus will undoubtedly benefit in the future from all of his hard work. 

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