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What is Ronaldo’s private island like?

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Successful sportsmen are known to find innovative ways to splurge. All those years of training in the field pays off when you make it to the big leagues. And once you lead your team to victory, fame comes in and money starts to pour in like water. Shaquille O’Neil is famously known to have spent $1 million in a day by buying cars and jewellery. It’s no surprise that the whole thing can get addictive. After all once you have lived the good life, why would you settle for anything else?

It’s probably one reason why many athletes resort to doping and whatever else it takes to win. While many sportsment also burn a hole with all the spending, some are smart enough to make good valuable investments that give them peace of mind. Messi apparently found his neighbour so noisy that he just bought their house and evicted them. Ronaldo, on the other hand, recently bought a private island for his family in Madeira. Where is Madeira, you ask?


Ronaldo is reported to have bought a stretch land in the spectacular island of Madeira. For those who don’t know, Madeira is an archipelago of four islands and belongs to Portugal. It’s famous for its subtropical weather and its exquisite wine. The main volcanic island is known for its beautiful tall cliffs and pebble beaches and is a very popular tourist destination.

How to get there

For those who want to visit Madeira, the best way is to hop on a plane from Lisbon. The flight takes about an hour and a half. Madeira’s airport is located in Funchal which is the capital. The airport is also connected to other cities of Portugal. There is also an option of taking the ferry although there is only one ferry between Madeira and Portugal. This ferry is run by a company called Porto Santo Line and takes just a little above two hours.

Things to do in Madeira

Apart from hoping to bump into Ronaldo, there are many wonderful things to do in Madeira. If you are into hiking, then try climbing Pico Ruivo – the highest peak in Madeira. All you need is some stamina, good shoes and the right weather. The complete route to the peak takes around six hours if you account for the breaks in between to soak in the majestic views.

Madeira wine

If you are in Madeira then you’ve got to have Madeira wine. Being an old port island, Madeira has always had a tradition of making wine for sailors and those going on long expeditions. The wine is known to be highly acidic and has a dry aftertaste making it an excellent dessert wine. Even the 100 year old Olympian – Bill Lucas – swears by it. The wine also goes well with the most popular dish of Madeira – espetada. Beef is mixed with garlic, bay leaf and salt and marinated for a few hours in the wine. Then it’s skewered and grilled. You’ll find this available in most restaurants on the island.

This should be a quick indicator why Ronaldo decided to invest in this little known island. He’s also not the first to do so. There’s a chance that you may bump into more familiar faces like Olympic windsurfer João Rodrigues, and post-punk rocker Ana da Silva from The Raincoats.

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