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Online Casinos Prep for New Sports Betting Regulations

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Sports betting has been one of the top pastimes and ways to generate profits for millions of sports enthusiasts around the world. There are hundreds of sportsbooks that are operating online that support multiple sports markets and provide outstanding odds and payouts. There are even many operating online casinos that have a sports betting section available to registered members, allowing them to switch between playing traditional casino games and wagering on sports using the same account. As more and more sports fans become interested and involved in sports betting, more online casinos will be offering the ability to place these types of wagers.

Sports betting sites must adhere to strict laws and regulations just as any other betting sites, and this can vary per location. For betting sites that are based in the UK, the sites must be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and must always adhere to local gambling laws. Some of the best sportsbooks in the industry are based on the UK and punters from around the world are drawn to these sites, where they can engage in exciting sports betting action and even enjoy live betting.

As for sites that are based on the US, there are some new regulations regarding sports betting that will come into play and any operating casino in the US will have to adhere to these regulations to provide legal and secure betting options to members. Online gambling is relatively new to the US and there are just a few states that offer legal online casinos. However, since 2013, these states have seen great growth and success with the sites that are offered and many are considering adding the sports betting aspect to extend betting options and attract more gamblers.

In the United States, there is a federal ban on sports betting, but in 1992, there was a law passed that granted four states immunity to the federal sports betting prohibition. These states, Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon are legally allowed to offer sports betting services and these can be enjoyed at land casinos as well as online casinos that are operating, such as those in Delaware and Nevada. Some states are currently challenging the legality of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and if the law changes, several states have passed legislation that would allow sports bets to be placed by residents.

While sports betting regulations may soon change for a number of states in the US, not all online casinos will support this form of betting. It will be at the discretion of each state whether they allow sports betting activities. Since 2013, only a few states in the country have passed laws that allow online casinos to operate, though there are quite a few that has bills in the works to establish online gaming sites. The new sports betting regulations that may soon be changing may affect how many states promote online gambling. They will want to tap into all possible resources to generate revenue, so the US could see a boom in the offering of online casinos across the country and these sites will most likely feature online sports betting as a result.

At this time, there are just four states where sports betting is fully legal even though online gambling has been legalized since 2013. The current laws state that any online casino operating must be associated with an operating land casino. Should the new regulations for sports betting pass, many states may have a change of heart regarding the offering of online casinos as they will want to have this new means to generate revenue and boost the economy by offering online gambling and betting at a single site.


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