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How Does Ronaldo Jump So High?

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Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers on the planet. He is known to be one of the highest paid sports star in the world according to Forbes which is understandable when you watch his game. On the field, Ronaldo is known to be a fierce attacker and is very fast on his feet.

It’s little wonder that when people bet on him, they usually end up making a lot of money. Online casinos have even got slot machines dedicated to him. There are casinos like Bovado that focus a lot on sporting bets as described in this article. Cristiano Ronaldo has, over the years, developed his body to perform astounding feats on the field. He is especially known for his high jumps and aerial possession of the ball.

The Training

When Cristiano Ronaldo started out, he was fast and agile but he still needed to improve his game. His coach Rene Meulensteen kept telling him to start focussing on his weak points and not think of stylish goals. It was then that Ronaldo started his intense training to work on his body and develop almost superhuman skills. When he played with Manchester United in 2006, he was a different person altogether. Gary Neville describes it as his transition to a man from a boy according to this article here. In the next three years, Ronaldo went on to score some 91 incredible goals.

The Jump Ability

Ronaldo was initially known for his incredible dribbling skills and the fact that he was very dextrous and both his left and right foot were strong. But once he developed his body, we started showing an amazing ability to jump up to six feet in the air. This has always given him an edge over his opponents as he has a certain aerial skill that is unparalleled. Once he jumped to a height of over eight feet in a match against Sampdoria.


The Regime

Ronaldo is known to follow a strict regime to keep his fitness level at a supremely high level. He hits the gym every day and spends his time there between cardiovascular training and weights. He ensures that all parts of his body are being focused upon and also pays special attention to stamina building. His diet is spread over six meals a day to keep his metabolism high. It also stops fatigue and hunger pangs. His diet also includes a lot of protein for muscle building so there’s especially seafood, eggs and steaks. He’s supposed to use a lot of multi-vitamins and supplements along with his diet to keep his body running like a well-oiled machine. Ronaldo is also known to have the occasional drink as one can tell from his social media feed.

To perform like Ronaldo, one obviously has to follow a very strict plan that takes into account proper diet, exercise and training. This is not something that can be achieved overnight and requires years of dedicated training. It also helps to have a dedicated coach who keeps an eye on you and keeps motivating you to try harder.

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