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Famous Footballers That You Don’t Know Play at the Casinos

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Gambling is a popular entertainment activity that millions of people worldwide enjoy. Both casual and serious players can enjoy amazing casino games at Pay n play kasinot. The fame of casinos is legendary, and its popularity is growing by the day thanks to the ease and availability of online casinos.

With online casinos so popular, it is no surprise that lots of sports players engage in it as a pastime. The lure of the casino game is irresistible. Famous sports people such as Cristiano Ronaldo, the late Diego Maradona, Gianluigi Buffon, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Joey Barton to know a few are known for their love of casinos.

The whole debate around Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for the title of the best player in the world has been on for 12 years since Ronaldo won the pairs first Ballon D’Or award in 2008. Off-field, the difference between the two most gifted players of their generation is clear. Lionel Messi maintains a more quiet lifestyle, while Cristiano Ronaldo has a more open lifestyle. Out of the pair, Ronaldo’s love for casinos is clear. Messi, on the other hand, maintains a more secretive lifestyle and not known for playing casino games.

Apart from Ronaldo, many other famous sportspeople have openly been pictured playing at the casinos. Some of them include Micheal Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, John Daly, Pete Rose, James Maddison, Mario Balotelli, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sports personalities who play the casinos carry their competitive spirits into the games. They play to win as they would for a sports game.

1.      Cristiano Ronaldo

There is almost nobody in the world who does not know about this hardworking and exceptionally talented football player. He is a record-breaker, goal-scoring machine and above all a winner; his trophy collection (individual and team) bears witness.

While many people know Ronaldo as a sports player, not many know about his other interest off the field. Apart from his charity works, Ronaldo is also a good poker player. While not playing, Ronaldo can frequently be found at the poker table where he shows his poker skills.

The famous soccer player has played with some of pokers best such as Patrick Antonius and even appeared in some poker advertisements. Poker, like soccer, requires determination and skill, two qualities Ronaldo possesses in abundance.

2.      Gianluigi Buffon

The Juventus and ex-Italian international keeper, Gianluigi Buffon, is another player famous for their love of casinos. Buffon, like his Juventus teammate, shares a love for poker. While he is not actively playing for his club, Buffon spends his leisure time playing at poker tables and securing huge wins; he is that good at poker. He has appeared in several adverts for poker and an ambassadorial role for PokerStars in 2012.

His ability to keep his emotions hidden while playing is one of the traits that make him such a good poker player. He is also skilful and knows his onions. Buffon has gotten into trouble twice for his gambling activities in 2006 and 2012, and both times the charges for illegal gambling were dropped.

3.      Neymar

Completing the Poker trinity on the list is Neymar. He is one of the finest dribblers and best football player in the world. Neymar, unlike Lionel Messi, has an outgoing and open lifestyle. When he is not socializing and attending parties during the football holidays, he is in playing poker with his pals. He is also a lover of basketball and has been pictured playing the game severally with other stars.

Neymar is not just a casual poker player; he has played in the European Poker Tour with seasonal poker professionals. He is a good poker player with the right skills. While playing with professionals, he hasn’t looked out of sort.

Neymar is one of the few footballers who are vocal about their love for casinos. He posts his casino activities on his social pages.

4.      Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The AC Milan and the ex-Swedish international striker is another football player that has expressed his love for casinos. While not playing football, he is not one to shy away from casinos. The Swedish online betting company Bethard have him on their books as one of their ambassadors.

5.      Wayne Rooney

The ex-Manchester United player and legend, Wayne Rooney, is another player famous for their love for the casinos. Rooney journey with the casinos has not always been rosy as he has struggled with gambling addictions which caused him problems in his marriage. He is known to prefer the roulette.


Casinos are an entertaining and fulfilling pastime for players. Footballers and other sports stars are not immune from enjoying exciting casino games, either online or on the casino floor. While it has caused some players trouble, others have ridden on it to launch successful poker careers and grab lucrative ambassadorial roles.

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