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The world's greatest footballers - but who's the best?

The battle of Messi vs Ronaldo has the world gripped.

In this website, they go head to head in terms of goals, stats, achievements, abilities and much more.

Always up-to-date, reliable and accurate, this is your main port of call to see who's currently leading the constant back-and-forth battle for the golden boot.

For stats questions contact: stats@messivsronaldo.net.

For all other enquiries contact:, info@messivsronaldo.net.

Last Stats Update: 22 Nov 15:35 GMT

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Four great things about TVSportGuide.com

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Long gone are the days in which you had to google each sporting event to see what time the game starts, or which channel it is on. TVSportGuide.com do all the hard work and collect an awesome list of all the best sporting events around the world that are live on UK channels.

You will find a wide range of sporting events from football to formula 1 in an easy to read and highly customizable list.

User-Friendly Design

The TVSportGuide design is aimed towards the mobile platform with all the information being centred down the middle. Yet, it also looks great on a desktop using a smart and functional layout. Without any customisation, you will see a long list of all sporting events available on UK channels down the middle, organised by date and time.

The earliest events start at the top and work there way down until 4:59 am. After this time the event will move to the next day starting from 05:00 am onwards. This is due to them following a TV-listings standard used by most similar sites. Bear in mind, all the times shown are the starting times of the event, not the start of the studio build up.

Device Accessibility

You are in no way limited to using just your laptop or desktop. Instead, you can download their awesome app that’s compatible with iPhone, Android and iPad. If you have any other devices, you can simply use their mobile optimised site on the browser of your choice.

Favourites Tool

You can customise which events you want to see by favouriting certain keywords. Say you wanted to only view which EFL Championship games are shown on TV. Simply favourite the word “Championship” and click it in the favourites section. Then, you will only see a list of EFL Championship games for the month.

You can do this with hundreds of different keywords ranging from competitions, country, sport, leagues and so many more. It is really a cool feature to completely customise the list to your preferences.

Settings Customisation

To take their already awesome customisation even further, go to their settings page. Here, you can customise which TV channels, sports or leagues you want to see. You can simply deselect any channels or leagues by clicking the box. These settings are automatically saved whenever you make a change.

Say you only have access to NowTV, simply deselect all the other channels to view a list of all the events you can watch on NowTV.

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