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Betting Exchange Guide

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The Messi vs. Ronaldo debate is not going away any soon. Both stars have their fair share of fans and haters as well. The Argentine has diehard fans, mostly Barcelona fans, and Manchester United fans who hate on Ronaldo. On the other hand, the Portuguese star has a huge following that believes he is the best player of this generation having shone in all competitions.

Ronaldo has been a consistent performer in the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the UEFA Champions League, and national football. Messi’s dominance, however, has been in the La Liga and Champions League only, with the star having an average performance with his national team.

The debate between the two stars has gone beyond their attributes, skills, and achievements. Fans have taken the battle to betting. In this Messi vs. Ronaldo betting exchange guide, find out what are some of the betting markets to explore as far as this debate is concerned.

What is Betting Exchange?
This is a type of sports betting where players can buy and sell bets on the outcome of discrete soccer events. The difference between betting exchanges vs. bookmakers is the fact that the former is between players vs. players while the latter is between players and a bookmaker.

In this form of betting, there are two essential terms, back and lay. Backing means that the player bets that the outcome will come to pass while laying means that the player bets that the result will not occur.

Please note, on the marketplaces, players can buy or sell bets. When it comes to odds, this is an agreement between the buyer and the seller, there are no fixed odds as in normal sports betting. For the record, the betting exchange companies charge a small commission on all bets traded.

Messi vs. Ronaldo Betting Markets
In this section, find some of the best Messi vs. Ronaldo betting exchange markets that bettors can find in the marketplaces like BetFair, Betdaq, Matchbook, and Smarkets.

Both Ronaldo and Messi are prolific goalscorers, and this is a popular market. Fans of both soccer maestros back and lay on several bets regarding the performance of the duo when it comes to scoring goals, at the club level, international competitions, respective domestic leagues, and all-time goals scored.

The transfer market is always full of news regarding the contracts of Messi and Ronaldo. At the moment, for example, there are rumors that Messi could leave the Camp Nou while Ronaldo could make a comeback to the English Premier League. These rumors mean that players can find lots of transfer special bet markets involving the future of the two stars.

Ballon d’Or
Among the areas where there is stiff competition between the two stars is in the number of Ballon d’Or awards won. Here, bettors can choose to back bets that suggest Messi and Ronaldo will win or will not win this year’s Ballon d’Or. With young talent cropping up, some bets suggest that either of the two will win or will not win another Ballon d’Or.

The above are just some of the most popular Messi vs. Ronaldo betting exchange markets. When choosing the best betting exchange sites, make sure to go for sites offering the lowest commissions and high liquidity.

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