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Which club will be Lionel Messi’s next?

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FC Barcelona’s biggest star, Lionel Messi, wants to leave the club. The question on everybody’s lips is where next?

We all know who Messi is, whether we love football or not. His rivalry with Ronaldo for the greatest footballer alive title has divided the world in two: Messi army and Ronaldo army. If you fall outside these two categories, you are on the wrong planet.

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No one could have thought at the beginning of the 2019/2020 La Liga season, that football was going to be disrupted by a pandemic. The same way no one could have predicted Messi’s willingness to leave Barcelona.

The love story between Messi and Barcelona runs way back to 2001, almost two decades of mutually beneficial relationship which both parties have profited from handsomely. Barcelona has won many domestic and international trophies and was considered the best team in the world for a while.

What happened?

Barcelona’s problems on the field and off it contributed to Messi’s intention to leave. For many, the disappointing and awful display in the recently concluded UEFA Champion League semi-final match between Barcelona and German giants, Bayern Munich was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

No doubt, the humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich played a part in Messi’s decision to seek an exit from Barcelona and end the beautiful love story, but other signs also enhanced it.

Barcelona poor transfer decisions, on-field performances, problems with the board and sporting director, Eric Abidal, have played an influential part in Messi’s decision to leave Barcelona. A club where he spent more than 80% of his footballing career and all of his professional career.

Where to next?

When a player of Messi’s calibre and statue says something, it becomes news. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Messi informed Barcelona that he was going to leave that rumours of Messi’s next club dominated the transfer news.

The buzz around Messi’s breakup story with Barcelona generated so much internet activity and engagement that it shattered the internet. Messi even replaced the COVID-19 pandemic as the most searched keyword on the internet.

Which club will Messi join next? I wish I could time travel and reveal it but I can’t. I can, however, do the next best thing and provide good predictions with facts. Here are Messi’s possible next clubs and why he will want to join them. Enjoy!

Manchester City

Despite Messi scoring an astonishing 26 goals and six assists in 34 appearances against English teams, many still believe that Messi cannot thrive in the physical and tough English Premier League.

Not that he is after a new challenge, Messi may want to prove his doubters wrong and join an English team. Of all the English teams, Man City is the best fit for him. Why?

  • They can pay his transfer fee and match his wages (about $8.6 million a month)
  • Messi’s relationship with Pep Guardiola – under which he blossomed, had some of his best seasons, won numerous trophies (individual and team) and played a pivotal role in what is regarded as the best Barcelona team in history. The temptation to link up with Pep is arguably too strong to ignore, and if he is to join the English Premier League, it is to play for Pep’s Manchester City.
  • Manchester City oil-rich owners have long admired Messi. Now that there is an opening, Manchester City will look to sign him.

Paris Saint Germain

An attack of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar is beyond frightening; it is a death sentence for teams. To put these three amazingly talented individuals into a team is to play video games or fantasy football, or is it?

Here are the reasons why Messi may join Paris Saint Germain

  • Chance of linking up in a devastating attacking trident with Mbappe and Neymar, a former teammate.
  • PSG can afford to pay his mammoth wages and transfer fee


I will admit it; the chances are relatively low that Messi will end up in Juventus. Throughout their careers, Messi and Ronaldo have competed against each other for the title of world best player.

With a move to Juventus, Messi and Ronaldo will play together, a huge plot twist that nobody saw coming.

Newell’s Old Boys

Messi career began in his native country, Argentina with Newell Old Boys, and he is likely to finish it there. It is an open secret that Messi wants to retire in his home country and play for his childhood club, will this season mark the move?


Of all the four possible destinations presented, Manchester City appeal looks the strongest. A chance to link up with Pep Guardiola again is irresistible. However, Messi may still stay in Barcelona for another season if the club refuses to sell.

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