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Australians Try To Nab Messie Down Under

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So, we have all heard the latest rumours lately about the possibility that Messi will be leaving Barcelona, and it is not just one club that is out to nab him and take them for their own. Our latest reports suggest that Adelaide United have actually tried to bid on the star, in hopes he would join their club within the next season, especially since Australia’s Corona COVID numbers are clearly not as bad as anywhere else in the world. So ultimately, they have taunted their proposition with that concept of family safety too, to try and convince the star. It is no secret that Messi has been wanting to leave Barcelona for a while, due to wanting something new and exciting.

Currently there are many wagers that are actually taking the bet of where Messi will leave and when on Sports bet, so you could entertain and win some real money in the process of Messi’s decision on his fate.

Nevertheless, Adelaide United know of the many competitors they have to be up against to nab the star, with top clubs like Paris Saint Germain, Manchester United and other known Premier League teams, going in for the kill, it is highly unlikely that the Australian team will succeed. Yet, there is no harm in actually trying, right? However, it is very clever of the team to use the initiative of safer COVID numbers to tease the player into considering it. After all, who does not want to make sure their family is safe and sound right?

Other attractive features used by the team in the letter addressed to Messi, include luxuries and commodities that Australia brings to newly entered foreigners. Apparently, the suburbs of Magill and the fine vineyard and wine produced there is something of a delicacy that is hard to say no to. Not forgetting to mention that Magill’s estate restaurant was also mentioned within the offer, saying its fine dining is but a table away from Messi’s Disposal. They do say food is a way to a man’s heart, no?

Messi is a player that deserves the utmost opportunity, as after all he has still got some years in him. With winning the Ballon d’Or six times and also winning four Champion League titles with Barcelona, he has definitely created a record and brand for himself as a football player. There is no doubt about it that Messi is one of the best players alive at the moment.

One thing to keep in mind however is that, this move would cause great legal battles, as Messi’s buy out is worth hundreds of millions in Barcelona and that means Adelaide United need to be willing to pay up stat and it comes as no surprise that the team do not have that kind of money to spend on a football player, or the salary that Messi deserves for the talent he provides. Being that the Australian team have nothing but the surrounding cities’ culture to offer to the player, it is very unlikely that Messi would relocate to a completely new continent, just for wine and restaurants. We think not….

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