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Author Archives: Andreas Johannesson

  1. Might Messi be Tipped for the FIFA 21 Top Spot?

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    In terms of modern football stars, few (if any) players can hold a candle to names such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both of these personalities have enjoyed success for years and it seems as if they are not going anywhere any time soon. These long-time rivals are also known for their highly competitive nature; an observation clearly illustrated in their FIFA EA Sports rankings. However, is it possible that Messi might once again take the lead over his counterpart? Let’s take a look at what some of professional industry analysts have had to say.

    His Track Record Alone

    It is impossible to deny the talent of Messi. This observation has been bolstered by the fact that he walked away with his sixth Ballon d’Or while playing for Barcelona during the 2018-2019 season. To put such an achievement into perspective, Messi scored 24 goals while appearing in 31 games during this same time period. When we then take into account 16 assists, it makes perfect sense that he will remain an integral element if Barcelona hopes to garner their third La Liga title. How does his performance stack up against Ronaldo? Here is a quick breakdown to put things into perspective:

    • Messi (all competitions): 472 goals and 176 assists.
    • Ronaldo (all competitions): 450 goals and 119 assists.

    It is therefor clear to see that Messi enjoys a slight edge over Ronaldo in terms of overall performance and effectiveness.

    What Can We Expect from FIFA 21?

    FIFA 21 is one of the most highly anticipated virtual football platforms and it is expected to be released on 9 October 2020. Thus, we do not have long to wait for what is in store. This is also why there has been a growing amount of conjecture of how both Messi and Ronaldo will rank.

    Experts believe that has FIFA rating is set to jump up a point from 94 to 95. In the same respect, we should expect Ronaldo to increase from 93 to 94. Thus, he is still only a single point behind. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Messi will once again enjoy bragging rights in terms of his overall FIFA ranking.

    Nothing is Certain

    While online casino and sports betting aficionados will undoubtedly be interested in what FIFA 21 has in store, the fact that Messi is slated to take the top spot once again suggests that Barcelona could very well be in for a truly stellar season. Might they be able to clinch the La Liga title? This would certainly be rewarding for fans who have been forced to endure recent gaming restrictions.

    Still, Ronaldo is a force to be reckoned with. At 35 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down and it is for this reason alone why he can never be taken for granted while on the pitch. It will be very interesting to see what the remainder of the football season has in store.

  2. Top 4 Podcasts for Football Betting Tips

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    When it comes to placing smart and strategic bets on football matches, players must stay up to date with the latest football betting tips, news, and predictions. While football betting sites are a great way to keep up with the season, football podcasts are an entertaining way to gain new insights.

    There is a good selection of football podcasts available. In fact, there are football club dedicated podcasts that follow the play-by-play of a specific team. If you’re on the hunt for an entertaining listen on the latest football news, here’s a list of top football podcasts that worth your time—in no particular order.

    Football Betting Podcast

    The Football Betting Podcast’s name pretty much explains it all. Every week, football experts review the top-performing English football leagues. The podcast discusses the upcoming football bets you should make for the weekend matches.

    If you’re looking for a podcast that is mainly focused on football betting predictions, the Football Betting Podcast is the best option for you. To bet smart, follow their expert advice!

    The Debate

    Sky Sports one of the leading British sports channels runs a nightly podcast show called The Debate. What makes this podcast show great is its top-notch hosts—one of the top names in football. You can get the latest Premiere league stories, news and betting tips straight from industry professionals.

    With its entertaining hosts and valuable content, The Debate podcast is perfect for people on-the-go. This podcast will surely keep you entertained and updated with the top football predictions during your everyday commute.

    The Totally Football Show with James Richardson

    Famous football presenter and journalist, James Richardson hosts The Totally Football Show with James Richardson. Employed by the Premier League, Richardson along with his team discusses the latest news and industry insights in football today.

    Catch this uber entertaining and highly informative podcast three times a week. For news on the Premier League tune in on Mondays, on Tuesdays tune in for European football news and get the mid-week wrap up on Thursdays.

    The 2 Robbies

    Former premier league players, Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle host The 2 Robbies podcast where the discuss and delve into the top Premiere League news every week of the season.

    With the help of current NBC Sports and analysts, this podcast provides football fans with quality content on all things football. Gain industry insights and betting tips every week and place your bets on the willing team in the upcoming matches.

    To conclude, football podcasts are a fun and effortless way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the season. Whether you’re doing chores, on the bus, or jogging, you can easily tune into any podcast of your liking and get the latest football betting tips.

  3. Ronaldo’s Expensive Clocks

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    Aside from his fame as one of the best players in the history of soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo has also become one of the most marketable and highest-paid athletes on the globe. As a reward for his success, Cristiano isn’t shy about amassing an array of blinged-out timepieces. His collection of watches includes anything, and everything that we all aspire to have and smartwatches4u.com produces a comprehensive amount of guides and reviews on this. Below is a look into this star’s collection.

    Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

    Regarded as one of the most highly-functional sports watches, the Daytona offers the best of both worlds. Its ruggedly-elegant design is otherworldly, whether worn on the race track or under the cuff. As a person who’s always keen about opulent touches on his watches, the full 18,000 yellow-gold construction, as well as the diamond hour markers, makes the Daytona a perfect watch for him.

    Rolex Sky-Dweller

    This is Rolex’s most complicated and advanced watch. Specifically designed for world travellers, it features two complications: an annual calendar and a dual timezone or GMT complication. Besides this rare complication, the Ring Command bezel adds to Sky-Dweller’s uniqueness. It’s indeed a watch in a class of its own.

    Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01

    Cristiano’s unique taste and penchant for standout pieces caught the attention of Tag Heuer, making him their ambassador in 2014. He’s indisputably the most effective representative for the avant-garde, exquisite watches of this brand. The complex, skeleton-dial Carrera Calibre 01 is his preferred choice from Tag Heuer’s collection. One of this watch’s iconic features is the transparent, monochromatic dial that allows wearers to view the calibre of the automatic chronograph.

    Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

    Still from the Tag Heuer collections, Grand Carrera adds to Cristiano’s favourites. Carreras is a premium family and has COSC-certified movements or sporting chronometers. Also, the superstar owns the “CR7” limited edition which was created in recognition of his collaboration with the brand in 2015.

    Hublot Aerofusion King Gold

    This is the watch that Cristiano wore when he attended the unveiling of his bronze statute when the Santa Caterina Airport was renamed after him. Besides its sizeable 45mm case made of exclusive “King Gold”, the watch also features an elegant black dial with needles in the centre, and a date window located at 6 o’clock. The black crocodile leather strap with King Gold deployment buckle gives it an executive appearance.

    Meccaniche Veloci 4 Valve

    Cristiano has been a long-time lover of Meccaniche Veloci models and started donning this brand’s timepieces as early as 2011 when he was at Real Madrid. Quattro Valvole Nite Lite is his favourite in this collection. It contains rose gold and diamonds, in addition to the four separate ETA 2671 automatic movements and an alligator strap from Louisiana.

    Franck Muller

    Off the pitch, Cristiano is also famous for having a one-of-its-kind Franck Muller watch. It bears the 424 white and red diamonds set in the dial and a finished by a bracelet in white gold. The 15.25 carats makes the watch very pricy, going for about €2,000,000.


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