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Messi Breaks All Time La Liga Goals Record


After 3 goalless games in La Liga, Lionel Messi finally broke Telmo Zarra’s long-standing record of 251 La Liga goals. The 59 year old record was broken in some style as Messi scored his first league hat-trick of the season in Barcelona’s 5-1 drubbing of Sevilla.

Messi’s hat-trick has moved him 2 clear of Zarra to 253 La Liga goals. And he’s done it all in just 289 games for Barcelona, which is a ratio of 0.88 goals per game.

Ronaldo, who scored another 2 goals tonight, sits in 9th place in the all time La Liga top scorers list with 197 goals. Astonishingly, he’s racked up this tally in just 176 games, giving him a goals to games ratio of 1.13 during his time in the Spanish top flight.

It seems Lionel Messi breaks a new record every other week, but this latest might just be the most special to date. What a player.

Messi All Time Top Scorer La Liga 253 Goals
  • Raul154

    Ronaldo will break zara’s record next season… Or by utmost delay the 2016-17 season… That will give him a much higher goal ratio.

    • Alex Gorecki

      that i call bullshit, maybe he will come close, but Ronaldo is 29 and he has limited time, Ronaldo has to score an average of 50+ La Liga goals every season and Messi has to totally shit the bed when it comes to scoring for the rest of his career. Ronaldo will not beat this record, i bet when Ronaldo hits his early and mid 30s he will not be doing this good

      • Raul154

        You idiot.. Did u read my comment?? I said zarra’s record… Not messi’s, whats wrong with ur understanding skills.. Plus he will beat that record of 251 la liga goals in much less time than either messi or zarra.. Plus cr7 has 285 club goals in compared to messis 253 so yes if he was playing in one league his whole career even he would have broken that league’s record.. Did u know ronaldo already surpassed zarra (251) and alan shearer (260) record both are top scorer for their league..

        • Alex Gorecki

          again total bullshit, Since Ronaldo arrived Messi has 202 la liga goals compared to Ronaldo’s 200. In total Ronaldo has 281goals compared to Messi 294 since Ronaldo came

          Funny madridiots and Ronaldo fanboys making up fake stats. Again total bullshit, if he played his whole career in Madrid nobody wouldn’t know how he would’ve developed, if might of been a failed project for Madrid.

          • Raul154

            Wow u idiot.. Did u miss the appearances?? I said it took messi 11 season to break zarra’s record.. It will take cr7 7 season to break zarra’s record… U idiot u clearly have some issues.. Barca cock sucker = barsuckers… A player with cr7 abilities can never go flop.. He showed that in two leagues.. In real everyone wants to score in barca a player like luis suarez last season golden boot winner cant get to score bcoz of missi.. Zlatan said “u bought a ferrari but driving it like a fiat” when he was asked to assist for messi..

            Check a thing called wikipedia.. Its magical.. Fyi i never mentioned abt messi in first comment.. I said zarras record…. Not messi’s… U must be blind or from a place that doesnt understand english..

            Like drogba said,”barcelona fans are 12 years old who started watching football yesterday..” not lying again check it if u like…


          • Raul154

            Plus i didnt make up a single fake stat.. Kindly check all time stats.. Then u reply.. Not after cr7 came to madrid…

          • R7

            Dude Ronaldo will never be flop. And like raul154 said check all time stats before commenting. Messi had more appearances. For you messi might be best. But we are Ronaldo fans and he is the best. PERIOD.

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  • Sigismund

    congrats messi… the best in the world …achieved all this at age 27. what will it be at age 35?

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