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Cristiano Ronaldo All Time Career Goals


EDIT: To view Ronaldo’s up-to-date all time career goals, see our All Time Stats page

With Messi recently hitting the headlines for breaking the 400 career goals barrier, let’s look at how Ronaldo’s career goals tally compares.

Since making his professional debut for Sporting Lisbon in 2002, Ronaldo has clocked up 389 goals for the 3 clubs he has palyed for; Sporting, Manchester United and Real Madrid. Here’s a quick breakdown of his goalscoring record at each club.

5 goals in 31 appearances for Sporting
118 goals in 292 appearances for Manchester United
266 goals in 256 appearances for Real Madrid

This totals 389 club goals in 579 appearances.

Messi’s club total comes in at 360 goals in 432 appearances, which equates to a goals per game ratio of 0.83. Ronaldo’s overall goals to games ratio in club football comes in slightly lower at 0.67.

For Portugal, Ronaldo has racked up 114 appearances, scoring 50 times; 39 in competitive fixtures and 11 in friendlies.

When added to his club total, Ronaldo’s all time career goals tally currently stands at an impressive 439 goals in 693 appearances.

This equates to 0.63 goals per game, a staggeringly good statistic over such a large number of games. However, it falls slightly short of Messi’s all time ratio, which currently stands at 0.76 goals per game.

  • Nauman Iqbal

    Messi (CF),CR7 (Winger) There Is A Huge Difference In Positions.
    Zidane was AM and scored 156 Goals In 789 Games
    Ronaldo9 was CF and scored 414 Goals In 616 Games
    but both have 3 fifa world player of the year award

    • Stephen Greig

      Ronaldo may be a winger but he has considerably more shots than Messi, and a greater percentage of Ronaldo’s goals are within the 6 yard box. Additionally, Messi also scores more from outside the box.

      Source: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/lionel-messi-is-impossible/

      • Nauman Iqbal

        how many goals messi scored from outside the box??
        wat about headers and right foot?
        ronaldo scored 40 goals outside the box
        97 left foot goals
        64 headers
        thats a huge difference between ronaldo and messi

        • Stephen Greig

          My point was that Ronaldo’s “position” doesn’t really affect the possibility of him scoring. Despite being a winger he still has more shots that anyone and scores more goals from inside the 6 yard box.

          I am a huge fan of Ronaldo. I just don’t think his starting position is a valid argument.

          • Guest

            Why in the record part of the site have you written messi’s records as “Only player to..” and Ronaldo’s records as “first player to..” implying more significance to Messi’s than Ronaldo’s records

          • thomas more

            Why in the record part of the site have you written messi’s records as “Only player to..” and Ronaldo’s records as “first player to..” implying more significance to Messi’s than Ronaldo’s records, even though they are they only ones who have broken these records in most of them

          • Stephen Greig

            This is simply the way they were stated on the site they were sourced from. I will look at changing the wording to make it more consistent.

      • Nauman Iqbal

        sir i know you are a god damn messi fan
        but why dont you upload the assists from 2003-09 from both players
        it doesn’t make sense ronaldo provide 51 club assists from 2003-09
        messi have 32 assists club assists
        total of ronaldo 115 assists
        and messi 132 assists.
        if you want video

        • Stephen Greig

          I am a huge fan of both players – my aim with this website is to simply provide the facts and remain completely impartial.

          I do hope to add the assists from 2003-09 soon but it’s not just a case of copying them straight from ESPN because it’s not a 100% reliable source. I have tried to use their statistics before but found that they had missed a Ronaldo appearance from 2003. They had also listed some Champions League matches twice from the 2007/8 season, adding incorrect goals/assists/apps to their tallies.

          There could therefore be further mistakes that I have not noticed, so I do not deem it as a reliable source.

          So in order to add the 2003-09 assists, it will take a lot of research and therefore a lot of my time. They will be added eventually but I am extremely busy.

          • Nauman Iqbal

            hope u will upload the remaining data soon (Y)

      • Nauman Iqbal

        well its cristiano ronaldo’s quality to play as a winger but perform as a striker and ronaldo tries to shoot from everywhere and messi only tries to shoot within the box
        even c ronaldo tries to shoot from 50 yards.
        wat if messi play as a winger he will only provide assists then
        and uploading assists from espn data maybe wrong but youtube video isn’t.
        in which c ronaldo provide 54 assists for man utd.

        • Stephen Greig

          I have collected the assists data, but am missing the assists from Ronaldo’s season with Sporting CP. If you are able to find this information anywhere it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  • mehdimike

    Hi Stephen

    First thanks for creating this amazing site:D

    Second,What’s the diffrence between

    “Most consecutive European Cup top scorer awards: 4”


    “Only player to finish Champions League top scorer in 4 consecutive seasons (2008/09 – 2011/12)”

    Again THANKS A LOT

    • Stephen Greig

      Well spotted :-) The duplicate record has now been removed. Thanks for the feedback – really appreciate it.

  • tunde

    Ronaldo has played alongside a striker for more than 95% of his career. Messi is a beast, he kills strikers (Etoo, Zlatan,Villa). all those strikers are great strikers the world will never forget, but when they all played with Messi, they all were very poor. Is this becaused the team’s only focus is messi who is supposed to me play as LW? All strikers Ronaldo played with in his career have always scored loads of goals alongside him every season. how many through balls did Xavi and Iniesta gave to those three top strikers when they were at Barca, they will always look for Messi.
    The main reason why a lot of people prefer Messi to Ronaldo is not stats, it is because Messi is HUMBLE and Ronaldo used to be very very proud. Messi would rather say: we won and its good for the team whereas Ronaldo used to praise himself. How many of the people on this website are humble but people want to see other people show humility.
    these players are great players with unique ability and we should appreciate them. most of us were not there during the time of Pele and Maradona, we should be happy these guys are giving us something to tell our children we were part of.

    • Raul154

      Very well said…

  • Rueben Castro

    Ronaldo is the GOAT!

    Career Leaders in Goals (Club and Country in the UEFA era)
    1. Pele – 784 (2 Copa Libertadores)
    2. Romario – 743
    3. G. Muller – 723 (3 European Cups)
    4. F. Puskas – 700 (3 European Cups)
    5. Eusebio – 626 (1 European Cup)

    Ronaldo is at 460 and counting! (2 Champions League Cups)
    Messi is at 423 and counting! (3 Champions League Cups)

    Di Stefano had 528 with 5 European Cups!

    Appreciate greatness!

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